Through the principle of respect towards the future, for a livable world, for nature and human; To raise awareness in society with the awareness-raising activities, Minimizing the damages to the world caused by humans, and informing them about this Dealing with environmental pollution, and raising awareness of recycling, Creating volunteer participation and public support.

Our vision

By regaining the wisdom of nature, we aim to learn the ecological life, to become a community that has achieved to put this into practice, and to inspire those who are fed up with the imposed lifestyle. Our up-to-date activities are based on the love of nature and human. We will continue to our future activities with this light of love. Because we believe that there is nothing to be achieved with the existence of love.

We are Curious

Deep intellectual curiosity and an open mind are the starting points for every aspect of our work.


The Euroformazonlus community is our most valuable resource, and our best ideas are a product of collaboration.


We care deeply about the world and the quality of our work; we care passionately about getting it right.


We communicate with simplicity and clarity.


Innovation depends on the willingness of each employee to offer new ideas on how to improve our work and on opening Euroformaz  to change.

Euroformaz has a simple mandate: to help a large European public to make sense of today’s increasingly unstable world.