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KA105 – Youth mobility

During the period we live, the natural factors that make up our earth disappear day by day, the habitats of living species are restricted and the restoration in cities leads to destruction in our natural resources. Foods, beverages, goods that we consume recklessly, polluted air, poisonous wastes we mix into nature, and resources we have wasted without thinking of the future lead us to an irreversible end. The fact that this end will come in the long term makes it difficult for us to understand the seriousness of the situation; however, our children, grandchildren will face this inevitable end if we do not take any precautions. Moreover, the countdown that started for catastrophes in the nature represents a very short time for the life of the world.

Our main goals are as follows:

  • To tell young people about the environmental problems caused by human hand
  • To ensure the dissemination of voluntary work towards the protection of the nature
  • To contribute to the development of awareness about the design and construction of eco-friendly
  • structures that do not harm the environment and which do not limit the living area of the living beings
  • To contribute to the conservation of natural resources by creating savings awareness against
  • wasted energy consumption
  • To disseminate the work to be done in order to prevent environmental pollution
  • To integrate the mechanisms and daily habits that will provide the re-assessment of the wastes
  • without harming the nature into the society by raising recycling awareness
  • To combat negative attitudes such as discrimination, racism, prejudice and xenophobia
  • To make Erasmus+ more common among young people
  • To emphasize world citizenship concept

Main activities:

Recyclinghouse: The participants will emphasize recycling by producing usable materials from the materials given to them.

Futurehouse: Participants will be divided into groups, and will make comments about the situation of the world in 2020-2025-2030-2040-2050 based on our day and will create a short movie for this.

Savinghouse: Participants will make presentations in mixed groups on topics such as how to save related topics (electricity, water, home appliances, etc.), how much energy is wasted as a result of waste.

Working Cities: Participants, after being informed about the content of smart and environmentally friendly cities, will form a basic knowledge of the applications they will implement in practice.

Subsequently, the participants will be separated into groups and complete the step by step team work within the tasks assigned to them, such as wastes, street animals, road layout, working houseand social areas. In the final analysis, the separately created areas will be combined to create an environmentally friendly city. Youthpass Academy;

Participants will be informed about the Youthpass, which will be delivered through an academical concept.

Erasmus plus Tree: Participants will be informed on the first day about Erasmus+ program in detail.

The methods involved in these activities are as follows:

Brainstorming, Research Investigation Method, Social Interaction, Working with the Division of Labor, Audio-visual Method, Interview Method, Fictional Integrity, Learning Based on Hand Skills, Animation Method, Production of Creative Ideas, Teaching Through Script, Metaphor Method, Learning Through Course System, Survey Method, Question Answer, Individual Learning, Assessment Method, Analysis / Interpretation Method, Trip, Observation, Learning by Discovering, Presentation Method, Expression Method-Active Learning, Group Study, Applied Learning

The Predicted Result:

It is our short-term objectives to raise awareness among people involved in the project, especially young people, about the recycling of wastes by making them usable, encouraging the conservation of natural resources, raising awareness about the construction of nature friendly buildings and cities, and thus supporting environmentally conscious activities.

Our long-term goals are to lead the cooperation of different cultures being away from discrimination, to contribute to take steps regarding the protection of our environment and thus our future, to raise social awareness by expressing the implementations regarding