The activities of the association and its purposes are inspired by the principles of equal opportunities between men and women and respectful of the inviolable rights of the person.

All this without discrimination of nationality, trends and styles, favoring, in the most complete way possible, the dissemination, production and distribution of their works.

The Association intends to pursue aims of social solidarity, in particular it directs its activity in order to:

Computer Science and  Telecommunications:

  1. Reduce situations of social unease through the use of information technologies;
  2. Allow people in situations of difficulty or disability to access digital technology, facing the technological and cultural “digital divide”;
  3. Organize events and campaigns to promote the use of information technology to support the reduction of social distress;
  4. Promote and implement professional initiatives in culture, research and art, also through IT tools, aimed at achieving the objectives of the Association


  • supporting the natural life by raising awareness of environment in society, Conducting studies in order to make this awareness sustainable;
  • Making analysis, research and situation determination regarding the ecological destruction;
  • Raising awareness and conducting seminars about sustainable eco-life;
  • Dealing with the deterioration and pollution in air, water and soil;
  • Conducting activities to prevent the deterioration of ecological system;
  • Minimizing the waste materials due to production and consumption for meetings the needs of humans;
  • Producing projects regarding recycling and reusing these waste materials;
  • Contributing to the detection and protection of natural sources and biological diversity, and Ensuring that the individual will live in harmony with the nature and environment,  get informed about this and develop relevant skills.


  1. to promote, develop and disseminate art, musical culture and artists operating all over the world, enhancing their work, image and ingenuity in Italy and abroad.
  2. promote the listening and use of music as a universal language that carries social and cultural values;
  3. to spread the musical and theatrical culture in the youth field and not, as a good for the person;
  4. propose itself as a place of meeting and aggregation in the name of cultural interests aimed at human growth;